Bridge Loans

Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans

Source Realty Capital offers clients bridge loans for any number of reasons. We have long-standing relationships with leading alternative lenders. These include hedge funds and private equity funds, providing commercial mortgage bridge loans for real estate properties.

Get complete idea about Commercial Bridge Loan Rates

Source Realty Capital understands the importance of commercial real estate bridge loans. As such, our clients need commercial bridge financing to make a quick purchase in order to capitalize on a short-term market dislocation. Or they need a short term loan to renovate and reposition a property for sale. Additionally, we work with our capital providers to obtain the best commercial bridge loan rates available.

Source Realty Capital has a deep network of sophisticated lenders that specialize in providing short-term bridge financing. Our network of capital providers know the importance of commercial bridge loans to real estate investors. The best deals often require commercial bridge loans to expedite a speedy closing. Also, our client’s use short-term acquisition loans to capitalize on temporary market fluctuations.

In addition, Source Realty Capital understands that deals requiring a commercial mortgage bridge loan can get complicated. Our team will only present the financing opportunity to lenders that appreciate the value of your deal. We access temporary commercial real estate bridge loans in accordance with the borrower’s needs. We understand that situations on a deal prevent financing from traditional lenders.

Our team always looks to the future. And therefore, Source Realty Capital will work with our clients to obtain a permanent financing solution. This will ensure bridge loan rates that are competitive. Our financing professionals will remain diligently involved with the borrower and the deal until we arrange long-term capital. This will prevent the client from wasting substantial time and effort that would be involved in refamiliarizing lenders with the particulars of the deal.